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Jonathan Smith

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Miklós Radnóti: Images (Hasonlatok) →


You're like a bough, so silky-whispery
arched over me,
and poppyseed to taste,
spice and mystery, and like the seasons' ever rippling waves
you are exciting,
and so soothing, serene,
like tombstones on their graves, or like a lifelong friend, with all to share,
yet I'm still mystified
when I...
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10 panoramas of Antarctica, Jan - Mar, 2014.

All shot with my iPhone5 and edited with VSCOcam. 

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Glass Wave by (Caroline Fahey)

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Emily Dickinson, “Ghosts”
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ブログ名: UCD

ブログ名: トンガリが行く〜建物探訪行脚〜旅

(画像: UCD)

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Stop planting flowers in peoples yards who aren’t going to water them.

-- (via mori-majo)

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Must the morning always return? Will earthly power never end? Unholy labour devours the heavenly approach of the night. Will love’s secret sacrifice never burn eternally? Light had its allotted time; but timeless and infinite is the reign of the night

-- Novalis. Hymns to the Night (via hierarchical-aestheticism)